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A Physician's Guide to Pain and Symptom Management in Cancer Patients

A guidebook for primary care physicians, internists, and oncologists (Second Edition)

By Janet L. Abrahm, M.D.
Published by The John Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 2005
520 pp.
ISBN: 0801881013 (soft cover)


This practical and comprehensive textbook offers authoritative guidance on how to handle challenging clinical oncology situations in a caring and humanistic manner.Dr. Abrahm stresses the importance of reducing suffering at all stages of cancer care: at diagnosis, during curative therapy, and should curative efforts fail, at the end of life.The book is a good choice for primary care physicians, internists, oncologists, nurses, and other health professionals involved with the care of persons affected by cancer. It also would be a good resource for patients and family members who want to make more informed decisions about care. There are two separate bibliographies targeted at the needs of physicians and of patients and family members.

The content is well-organized into logical segments that make it easy to go quickly to the specific topic you need. "User friendly" segments include concise overviews of the most common issues in cancer pain and symptom management, straightforward algorithms for care and pharmacology management, "how to" guides for common tasks such as converting between different forms of opioids, pain assessment tools, and informative case vignettes.

Dr. Abrahm also addresses the hidden fears, unstated assumptions, and communication challenges that often surround cancer care and cancer pain. The sections on handling the doctor-patient relationship will be of benefit to all clinicians working with seriously ill patients.

Janet Abrahm, M.D. is an associate professor of medicine in the Hematology and Oncology Division of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and is medical director of Wissahickon Hospice. She is also a faculty scholar of the Project on Death in America.

Table of Contents

List of figures and tables
Part I. Hidden Concerns, Unasked Questions
Part II. Pain Control and Symptom Management
Clinician Bibliography
Patient and Family Bibliography
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