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At Home With Terminal Illness

A Family Guide To Hospice In The Home

by Michael Appleton, Todd Henschell

Paperback, 103 pages
Published by Prentice Hall
Publication date: January 1995
ISBN: 0132998432


Many people choose to die at home rather than in a hospital or residential hospice facility. The decision to share the very end of life in a family setting is one of the highest acts of love that any of us can ever hope to experience. Home hospice caregiving is not easy, but this book tackles a tough challenge in a straightforward way.

This book is an easy-to-use, basic guide for home caregivers who are not medical professionals. There's no medical jargon, just plain English that anyone can understand. It explains basic issues in terminal care, including an introduction to hospice care, how hospice care can be delivered in the home, and practical caregiving tips that may be hard to find elsewhere. The tone recognizes that caregiving is an emotional stretch as well as a physical one.

Professional home hospice workers should take a look a this item for potential use in family education efforts. It's avoidance of technical language makes it a suitable for a general audience, and it's organized alphabetically to make it easy for a family member to flip to just the section they need.

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