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Hypnosis and Suggestive Management of Pain

A Clinical Guide

Joseph Barber, Editor

Hardcover, 413 pages
Published by W W Norton & Co.
Publication date: June 1, 1996
ISBN: 0393702162


A clinical guide to the psychological assessment and treatment ofpain using hypnotism as a therapeutic approach. The discussions,written by 13 university scholars in anesthesiology, psychiatry, andfamily medicine, suggest new attitudes toward hypnosis as a form ofanalgesia and ways to evaluate the patient with chronic pain in orderto effectively implement hypnotic treatments in the cases of cancerpain, headache, dental pain, and burn pain. The final papersconsider particular issues related to dealing with children and theelderly in pain. The volume is characterized by a sensitive andinformed approach to hypnosis, recognizing its limitations as well asits benefits.

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Table of Contents
By Ernest R. Hilgard
1. A Brief Introduction to Hypnotic Analgesia
By Joseph Barber
2. Medical Evaluation of the Patient with Pain
By John J. Bonica, John D. Loeser
3. Psychological Evaluation of the Patient with Pain
By Joseph Barber
4. Hypnotic Analgesia: Psychological and Neural Mechanisms
By Donald D. Price
5. Hypnotic Analgesia: Clinical Considerations
By Joseph Barber
6. Cancer Pain
By Karen L. Syrjala, Sari Roth-Roemer
7. Headache
By Joseph Barber
8. Dental Pain
By Roseann Mulligan
9. Painful Medical Procedures
By Christel J. Bejenke
10. Burn Pain
By David R. Patterson
11. Children in Pain
By Samuel LeBaron, Lonnie K. Zeltzer
12. Elders in Pain
By Samuel LeBaron, William C. Fowkes
Afterword: When We Fail
By Joseph Barber, Samuel LeBaron
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Subject Index

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