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Palliative care is a medical specialty. Palliative medicine can manage pain, control symptoms, and improve quality of life for as long as life remains.

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Palliative Medicine Books

Staff Favorites

  • Palliative Care Perspectives
    book cover By James Hallenbeck, M.D. This book was developed as part of the End-of-life Care Curriculum for Medical Teachers, a train-the-trainer program created by Stanford University. You can read the full text of this book for free and download the complete Stanford curriculum in our online edition. Author James Hallenbeck is one of the Growth House bloggers.
  • Improving Care for the End of Life: A Sourcebook for Health Care Managers and Clinicians
    book cover By Joanne Lynn, M.D., et. al. The RAND Center to Improve Care of the Dying develoved this unique sourcebook that can help your institution with quality improvement efforts. It gives specific information on all major causes of death and describes opportunities for improving the quality of life for those affected by them. Detailed examples suggest projects organizations can attempt immediately, changes patients and families would benefit from, and environments that encourage better practice. You can read the full text of this book for free in our online edition.

Most Popular

Symptom Management Algorithms for Palliative Care
book cover By Linda D. Seaman. This technical resource for palliative care professionals presents decision algorithms for assessment and management of pain and common symptoms in terminal illness. Includes material on appetite problems and their relation to palliative nutrition. The author is the Medical Director for Providence Hospice of Yakima Washington.
Palliative Care Nursing- Quality Care To The End Of Life
[cover] Organized around the 15 competencies in palliative care developed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The book offers a blend of holistic humanistic caring with aggressive management of pain and symptoms. Comprehensive clinical content is combined with curriculum guidelines for educators.
Core Curriculum for the Generalist Hospice And Palliative Nurse
[cover] An authoritative guide from the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association. There is also a helpful Study Guide for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse for those preparing for exams.
End-of-Life Care: Clinical Practice Guidelines
[cover] This book provides clinical practice protocols to be implemented by advanced practice nureses working in end-of-life care, including both palliative and hospice settings.
Evidence Based Symptom Control in Palliative Care
[cover] Systemic reviews and validated clinical practice guidelines for 15 common problems in patients with life-limiting disease.
Hospice and Palliative Care: Concepts and Practice, Second Edition
[cover] By Walter B. Forman, Denice C. Sheehan, Robert P. Anderson. New edition of this authoritative professional guide from a team that includes some of the world's top specialists.
A Physician's Guide to Pain and Symptom Management in Cancer Patients
book cover An authoritative clinical guide suitable for both medical professionals and cancer patients.
Hospice Care for Patients With Advanced Progressive Dementia
[cover] An outstanding technical reference for this difficult type of care.
Oxford Textbook Of Palliative Medicine (Second Edition)
Edited by Derek Doyle, Geoffrey Hanke, and Neil MacDonald. The new edition of a comprehensive medical textbook on palliative care. An excellent reference volume covering most practical aspects of hospice comfort care for the terminally ill. Covers quality of life assessment, pain and symptom management, pediatric issues, special roles of members of the caregiving team such as nurses, occupational therapists, and social workers, plus many other topics.
The Management Of Terminal Malignant Disease
By Cicely Saunders and Nigel Sykes, s. The contributors (many from St. Christopher's Hospital, London) represent the various specialists in the interdisciplinary team providing palliative care for the terminally ill cancer patient. Published January, 1993.
Evaluating Palliative Care
A practical review of the research literature, with recommendations for effective policy research.
Death Foretold: Prophecy and Prognosis in Medical Care
book cover In this important book on the issue of medical prognostication, Nicholas Christakis explains that even though doctors commonly encounter situations that require a prognostic diagnosis, they feel poorly prepared, find it stressful, and believe that patients might judge them adversely in the face of prognostic errors.