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Breaking New Ground

Developing Innovative AIDS Care Residences

Betsy Lieberman
Donald P. Chamberlain

Published by AIDS Housing Of Washington
Publication date December 1993
311 pp.
ISBN: 0963659502 (paperback)


This detailed guide to the development and operation of AIDS housing facilities includes project planning tips that will be hard to find elsewhere. While targeted specifically at AIDS residences, this book also will be useful to planners of other types of special needs housing, including inpatient hospice services.

The book grew out of the planning process for Baily-Boushay House in Seattle, Washington. Bailey-Boushay House is a 35-bed skilled nursing facility and day health program designed specifically for people living with AIDS. The facility opened in June of 1992. The writing and production of the book was the result of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant that allowed the planners to share their experience. In researching this manual the planners visited 85 AIDS and HIV housing projects around the United States and Puerto Rico, and met with over 100 people involved in the development of residential projects for people living with AIDS.

Major changes in AIDS therapies are driving changes in the demand for assisted living services. Increased life expectancies have resulted in a need for longer-term supportive congregate housing for people who may already have had significant, irreversable physical declines associated with HIV. While treatments are improving, the spread of HIV continues to result in ever-larger numbers of people requiring AIDS-related services. AIDS housing is one example of a service system placed under great stress by the epidemic.

The book contains many good ideas on how residential facilities for people faced with life-threatening illness can respond to the needs of the residents being served and to the unique aspects of the community in which they reside.

Table of Contents

Section I: History and Overview
What Is AIDS?
Building Compassion -- The History of Bailey-Boushay House
The Rosehedge Story
Philosophical Questions
A Continuum Of Housing
Section II: Planning and Licensure
Program Planning and Predevelopment
Paying for the Development
Construction and Operation
Contractor Selection, Construction, and Close-out
Designing Interiors
Keeping the Project Running
Vision Statements

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