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New Themes In Palliative Care

David Clark, Jo Hockley, Sam Ahmedzai (Editors)

Published by Open University Press
Publication date: September, 1997
ISBN: 0335196055 (paperback)
ISBN: 0335196063 (hardback)


This compilation of essays on key themes in modern palliative care is intended for a professional audience. It provides a good introduction to palliative care for newcomers while having enough range to interest specialists. It covers current debates and developing aspects of the field.

Books on palliative care that incorporate perspectives from policy, service development, and clinical practice are still relatively rare. Part I deals with questions of policy, ethics, and research in palliative care. Part II deals focuses on a variety of innovations in service development around the world. Part III concentrates on new thinking in clinical practice.

High-quality palliative care uses a multidisciplinary approach to integrate the efforts of a wide range of health care and social service providers. In palliative care, quality of life is the key focus. It is often the process of care which is more significant than the final outcome. The multidisciplinary focus on quality of life is central to many of the studies included in the book.

The book also has a strongly international perspective. Palliative care is still underdeveloped in many parts of the world. Several chapters deal with strategic approaches for addressing this, while respecting local cultural and ethical systems.

The book has been prepared with a student readership in mind, particularly at the higher levels of study.

Table of Contents

Notes on the editors
List of contributors
Part I: Policy, ethics, evidence
1. Assessing needs and effectiveness: is palliative care a special case?
2. Costs of palliative care
3. Resource allocation and palliative care
4. Half full or half empty? The impact of health reforms on palliative care services in the UK
Part II: Service developments
5. The evolution of the hospice approach
6. Terminal care in South Australia: historical aspects and equity issues
7. Palliative care in India
8. Palliative home care
9. A Swedish model of home care
10. Rational planning and policy implementation in palliative care
11. Palliative care in Eastern Europe
12. Is hospice a western concept? A personal view of palliative care in Asia
13. The WHO Cancer Pain and Palliative Care Programme
Part III: Clinical issues
14. Therapeutic innovations
15. Beyond cancer?
16. Teamwork in end-of-life care: a nurse - physician perspective on introducing physicians to palliative care concepts
17. Voluntary euthanasia in terminal illness
18. New approaches to care

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