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Coma And Impaired Consciousness

A Clinical Perspective

By G. Bryan Young (Editor), Allan H. Ropper (Editor), Charles Bolton (Editor)
Published by McGraw Hill
Publication date: April, 1998
400 pp.
ISBN: 0070723710 (paperback)


For the clinician and neurology student. This comprehensive text examines every aspect of coma, including related anatomy, physiology,neurochemistry, pharmacology, new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, prognostic factors, and decision algorithms for clinical management. Includes related anatomy, physiology, neurochemistry, new diagnostic and therapeutic advances, and more. A chapter on poisoning and pharmacology examines causes and therapeutic agents, respectively.

Throughout, the emphasis is on practical approaches to monitoring and management of coma and the special needs of comatose patients. The editorial and authoring team features some of the leading specialists in this field (10 contributors). Recent findings in coma research are included.

Halftone illustrations.

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