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Children Mourning, Mourning Children

Kenneth J. Doka (Editor)

Published by Hospice Foundation Of America
Publication date: 1995
ISBN: 1560324473 (paperback)


This book was compiled for the Hospice Foundation's second annual "Living With Grief: Children Mourning, Mourning Children" teleconference. It is both a source book and a brief, useful introduction for educators and caregivers.

The chapters explore three basic themes:

  1. Children are always developing. Therefore, their understanding of death and their reactions to illness and loss also are undergoing change.

  2. Children grieve in ways that are both different from and similar to adults.

  3. Children need significant support as they deal with loss.

We like this passage from Editor Ken Doka's Preface:

"Talking to children about loss and illness is too important to be left to a crisis. Rather it is helpful to provide opportunities for children to discuss loss in times that are not so emotionally laden. Reading stories, watching television and videos such as Charlotte's Web, or even watching leaves bud, color and fall all provide opportunities for children to begin to encounter loss. Such occasions can have many roles. They open communication between parents and the child, reassuring the child that nothing is too threatening to discuss. They can lead to skills and understandings that are essentials to the child for coping with loss. And they can reaffirm that death is part of the process of living." (p. xiii)
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Table of Contents

By Jack D. Gordon
By Kenneth J. Doka
1. Children's Understanding of Death - Striving to Understand Death
By Charles A. Corr
2. Grieving Children: Can We Answer Their Questions
By Earl A. Grollman
3. Talking to Children about Illness
By Kenneth J. Doka
4. The Child and Life-Threatening Illness
By Paul Alexander
5. Children and HIV: Orphans and Victims
By Gary R. Anderson
6. Grief of Children and Parents
By Catherine M. Sanders
7. Children and Traumatic Loss
By Ronald K. Barrett
8. How Can We Help
By Stephen P. Hersh
9. The Role of the School
By Robert G. Stevenson
10. Worlds of Dying Children and Their Well Siblings
By Myra Bluebond-Langner
11. Detachment Revisited: The Child's Reconstruction of a Dead Parent
By Phyllis Silverman, Steven Nickman, J. William Worden
12. The Empty Space Phenomenon: The Process of Grief in the Bereaved Family
By S. G. McClowry, E. B. Davies, K. A. May, E. J. Kulenkamp, I. M. Martinson
A Sampler of Literature for Young Readers: Death, Dying, and Bereavement
By Charles A. Corr
Selected and Annotated Bibliographies
By Charles A. Corr

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