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Living With Grief

Who We Are, How We Grieve

Kenneth J. Doka, Editor

Published by Hospice Foundation Of America
Publication date: April, 1998
314 pp.
ISBN: 0876308981 (paperback)


A compilation of cross-cultural essays on loss and grief with emphasis on ethnic, spiritual, class, and gender diversity in grieving. Includes a directory of resource organizations.

This book was used as a companion piece to the annual bereavement teleconference sponsored by the Hospice Foundation Of America in April, 1998, and may be purchased directly from HFA.

Table of Contents

Foreword Jack D. Gordon
Introduction Kenneth J. Doka
I. Spirituality, Loss, and Grief
Asian ways of grief Dennis Klass and Robert E. Goss
What you always wanted to know about your Jewish clients' perspectives concerning death and dying -- But were afraid to ask Earl A. Grollman
Christians in grief Stephen D. McConnell
Grief: A Muslim perspective Shukria Alimi Raad
II. Ethnicity And Culture
Grief in the American culture Dana G. Cable
Looking through different eyes: Beyond cultural diversity Sherry E. Showalter
Sociocultural considerations for working with Blacks experiencing loss and grief Ronald Keith Barrett
Developing cultural competency Lynne Ann DeSpelder
III. Varied Experience: Gender, Development, Class, and Cultural Influences On Grief
Dying and grieving in the inner city Patricia A. Murphy and David M. Price
Gender differences in bereavement expression across the life Catherine M. Sanders
Revisiting masculine grief Terry L. Martin and Kenneth J. Doka
Developmental perspectives on grief and mourning Charles A. Corr
Helping individuals with developmental disabilities Claire Lavin
The world of the deaf community Frank R. Zieziula
Sexual orientation and grief Ron E. Wilder
Cultural aspects of peer support: An examination of one program's experience Bonnie Carroll
IV. Making Sense Out Of Loss
Dimensions of diversity in the reconstruction of meaning Robert A. Neimeyer and Nancy J. Keesee
Deciding what is right when we are so different David M. Price
Multicultural grief counseling Richard R. Ellis
Healing rituals: Powerful and empowering Alice Parsons Zulli
The wounded healer: A transcultural perspective Douglas C. Smith
Conclusion Joyce D. Davidson
Resource Organizations

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