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Keeping Busy

A Handbook Of Activities For Persons With Dementia

James R. Dowling

Paperback, 178 pages
Published by Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: August 1995
ISBN: 0801850592


This book will be of use to occupational therapists, nurses, hospice workers, and other caregivers for persons experiencing any form of mental impairment due to dementia. It offers a compilation of techniques for working with Alzheimer's Disease, AIDS Dementia, and other dementias. Activities are suitable both for recreation and for rehabilitation purposes. The range of ideas can be carried out by both professional and non-professional caregivers.

While some of the activities can be adapted to the needs of individuals living at home, most of the activities it describes are for use in group settings. This limits its value for home caregivers for family members with dementia who primarily need material suited to one-on-one situations.

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