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Oxford Textbook Of Palliative Medicine

Edited by Derek Doyle, Geoffrey Hanke, and Neil MacDonald

2nd Edition
Paperback, 1312 pages
60 halftones and 110 linecuts
Published by Oxford University Press
Publication date: April 1999
ISBN: 0192630571


The new edition of a comprehensive medical textbook on palliative care. An excellent reference volume covering most practical aspects of comfort care for the terminally ill.

Table of Contents:

List of contributors
1. Introduction
By Derek Doyle, Geoffrey W. C. Hanks, Neil MacDonald
2. The challenge of palliative medicine
2.1. The interface between oncology and palliative medicine
By Neil MacDonald
2.2. The interdisciplinary team
By Ina Ajemian
2.3. Death in modern society
By Charles A. Corr
2.4. The development of palliative care services
By Gillian Ford
2.5. Communication in palliative care: a practical guide
By Robert Buckman
2.6. Quality of life assessment in palliative care
By Jennifer J. Clinch, Harvey Schipper
3. Research in palliative care
3.1. Clinical and health services research in palliative care
By Kenneth C. Calman, Geoffrey W. C. Hanks
3.2. Pain research: designing clinical trials in palliative care
By Mitchell B. Max, Russell K. Portenoy
3.3. Research in symptoms other than pain
By Eduardo Bruera
3.4. Psychological/social research
By David A. Alexander
3.5. Nursing research and palliative care
By Jenifer Wilson-Barnett, Alison Richardson
4. Symptom management
4.1. Disease-modifying management
4.1.1. Principles governing the use of cancer chemotherapy in palliative medicine
By Neil MacDonald
4.1.2. Radiotherapy in symptom management
By Peter J. Hoskin
4.1.3. Surgical palliation
By Michael Baum, Nicholas M. Breach, John H. Shepherd, R. J. Shearer, J. Meirion Thomas, Adrian Ball
4.2. Management of pain
4.2.1. Pathophysiology of pain in cancer and other terminal diseases
By Richard Payne, Gilbert Gonzales
4.2.2. Pain assessment and cancer pain syndromes
By Kathleen M. Foley
4.2.3. Opioid analgesic therapy
By Charles E. Inturrisi, Geoffrey W. C. Hanks
4.2.4. Non-opioid analgesics
By Michael D. Rawlins
4.2.5. Adjuvant analgesics in pain management
By Russell K. Portenoy
4.2.6. Anaesthetic techniques for pain control
By Robert A. Swarm, Michael J. Cousins
4.2.7. Neurosurgical approaches in palliative care
By John D. Loeser
4.2.8. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and acupuncture
By John W. Thompson, Jacqueline Filshie
4.2.9. Psychological and psychiatric interventions in pain control
By William Breitbart, Steven D. Passik
4.2.10. Difficult pain problems
By Geoffrey W. C. Hanks, Russell K. Portenoy, Neil MacDonald, William M. O'Neill
4.2.11. Orthopaedic principles and management
By Charles S. B. Galasko
4.3. Gastrointestinal symptoms
4.3.1. Nausea and vomiting
By Simon G. Allan
4.3.2. Dysphagia, dyspepsia, hiccup
By Robert G. Twycross
4.3.3. Constipation and diarrhoea
By Nigel P. Sykes
4.3.4. The pathophysiology and management of malignant intestinal obstruction
By Mary Baines
4.3.5. Pathophysiology of cancer cachexia
By H. Richard Alexander, Jeffrey A. Norton
4.3.6. Clinical management of cachexia and anorexia
By Eduardo Bruera, Robin L. Fainsinger
4.3.7. Jaundice, ascites, and hepatic encephalopathy
By Vincent G. Bain, Gerald Y. Minuk
4.4. Palliation of respiratory symptoms
By Sam Ahmedzai
4.5. The management of infections in palliative care
By Rudolf Morant, Hans-Jorg Senn
4.6. Management of skin problems
4.6.1. Skin problems in palliative care: medical aspects
By Peter S. Mortimer
4.6.2. Skin problems in palliative care: nursing aspects
By Cathy M. Miller, Annie O'Neill, Peter S. Mortimer
4.7. Lymphoedema
By Peter S. Mortimer, Caroline Badger, Joseph G. Hall
4.8. Genitourinary disorders in palliative medicine
By Kenneth J. MacKinnon, Richard W. Norman
4.9. Palliation in head and neck cancer
By R. Hugh MacDougall, Alastair J. Munro, Janet A. Wilson
4.10. Mouth care
By Vittorio Ventafridda, Carla Ripamonti, Alberto Shanotto, Franco De Conno
4.11. Endocrine and metabolic complications of advanced cancer
By Mark Bower, R. C. Coombes
4.12. Neurological problems in palliative medicine
By Eugenie A. M. T. Obbens
4.13. Sleep in palliative care
By Michael J. Sateia, Peter M. Silberfarb
4.14. Haematological aspects of palliative medicine
By A. Robert Turner
5. Ethical issues in palliative care
By John Wilkinson
6. Cultural issues in palliative care
By Julia Neuberger
7. Spiritual issues in palliative care
By Peter W. Speck
8. Rehabilitation in palliative care
8.1. Introduction
By Graham Thorpe
8.2. Physiotherapy
By Robin C. Gray
8.3. Occupational therapy
By Kent Nelson Tigges
8.4. Stoma management
By Brigid Breckman
8.5. Speech therapy
By Susan D. Clark
8.6. Music therapy
By S. Porchet-Munro
8.7. Creative arts and literature
By David Frampton
9. Social work in palliative care
By Barbara Monroe
10. Emotional problems in palliative care: patient, family, and professional
By Mary L. S. Vachon
11. Psychiatric aspects of palliative care
By William Breitbart, Steven D. Passik
12. Domiciliary palliative care
By Derek Doyle
13. The terminal phase
By Robert G. Twycross, Ivan Lichter
14. Bereavement
By Colin Murray Parkes
15. Paediatric palliative care
15.1. Clinical management
15.1.1. Pain control
By Patricia A. McGrath
15.1.2. Symptom management
By L. L. deVeber, Sheila J. Jacobson, Gideon Koren, E. R. Ecclestone, H. C. Rosenberg, George Hinton, Tim C. Frewen
15.2. Psychological adaptation of the dying child
By Michael M. Stevens
15.3. Family adjustment and support
By Michael M. Stevens
15.4. Special services for children
By Doris A. Howell
15.5. Special issues in bereavement and staff support
By Betty Davis, Brenda W. S. Eng
16. Palliative aspects of adult acquired immune deficiency syndrome
By Philip D. Welsby, Alison M. Richardson
17. Education and training in palliative care
17.1. Education in palliative medicine
By John Scott, Neil MacDonald
17.2. The nursing perspective
By Jessica Corner
17.3. Education and training for social workers in palliative care
By Frances Sheldon
17.4. Education and training of clergy in palliative care
By Derek B. Murray
17.5. Training of volunteers in palliative care
By Ina Ajemian
18. Palliative medicine - a global perspective
By Jan Stjernsward

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