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Leadership and Management of Volunteer Programs

A Guide for Volunteer Administrators

(The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Sector Series)
By James C. Fisher and Kathleen M. Cole

Published by Jossey-Bass
Publication date: April 1993
ISBN: 1555425313


Based on the Association for Volunteer Administration Certification Competencies, each chapter offers insight into a particular functional area within volunteer administration. Drawing from the best in modern management literature and using copious case studies from professional practice, Fisher and Cole provide thorough guidance on how to perform key tasks such as staffing, recruitment, motivation, program evaluation, and the management of relationships between paid and volunteer staff.

Table of Contents

The Authors
1. The Volunteer Administrator as Leader and Manager
2. Developing the Role of Volunteers in the Organization
3. Building a Volunteer Staff: A Systematic Approach
4. Establishing an Organizational Climate That Enhances Motivation, Recognition, and Retention
5. Recruiting Volunteers: A Marketing Approach
6. Training and Development for Volunteers: Keys to Effectiveness
7. Supervising Volunteers to Strengthen Performance and Retention
8. Evaluating Volunteer Efforts
9. Professionalism in Volunteer Administration
Resource A: Professional Ethics in Volunteer Services Administration
Resource B: AVA Certification Program in Volunteer Administration: Functional Areas and Competency Statements

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