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Nutrition and Hydration in Hospice Care

Needs, Strategies, Ethics (The Hospice Journal , Vol. 9, No. 2-3)

By Charlette R. Gallagher-Allred

Published by The Haworth Press, Inc.
Publication date: January, 1997
ISBN: 0789002167


A comprehensive clinical reference book on nutritional care of the terminally ill for dieticians, nutritionists, and other health care professionals working in hospice and palliative care settings. Chapters identify problems, solutions, and ethical issues of nutrition and hydration seen in everyday hospice care.

This item was also published as The Hospice Journal, v.9, nos. 2/3.

For an earlier book (1989) on this topic by the same author, click here.

A good index helps the reader go quickly to content on a wide range of nutritional issues. Topics covered include assessment of nutritional status and needs, mouth care, anorexia, cachexia, cancer, enteral and parenteral nutrition, TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition), tube feeding, persistent vegetative state, fluid intake and dehydration, intestinal obstruction, diarrhea, pediatric applications, legal and ethical issues, guidelines for decisionmaking in cases where withholding nutrition is under consideration, planning and mangement of foodservice units, and much more.

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