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Tuesdays With Morrie

An Old Man, a Young Man and the Last Great Lesson

By Mitch Albom
Publication date: September, 1997
ISBN: 0385484518 (hardback)


"Love is the only rational act" is one of the dying observations of Morrie Schwartz, a retired university professor who shares his final thoughts on life, love, and friendship with a young man who is transformed by being witness to a good death. Popularized by a made-for-television movie, this inspirational book is based on a true story.

It is a truism in hospice work that the opportunity to share time with dying people often has a transformational effect on the caregivers, who may gain an acute appreciation for the wonderful gifts of life which are so easily overlooked. We are fortunate to have a book which captures some of this life-affirming gift which the dying give the living. Humor, tears, honest self-appraisal, and chicken soup wisdom all take their turns as we discover that learning how to die has a lot to do with learning how to live.

The book is a good choice for those who are facing life-threatening illness and those around them, as it shows how the force of surrounding love can bring grace to the end of life. If you need a reminder of why it's a good idea to stop and smell the roses, this book is it.

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