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Hospice Care For Children

Edited by Ann Armstrong-Dailey and Sarah Zarbock Goltzer

Hardcover, 294 pages
Published by Oxford University Press
Publication date: September 1, 1993
ISBN: 0195073126


A professional resource book for pediatric hospice care. Chapters by contributing authorities in the field cover practical issues that make pediatric care for dying children different from any other type of hospice work.

This book will be of use to hospice professionals, child psychologists, school-based clinicians, bereavement counselors, and other end-of-life professionals working in family settings.

Table of Contents
I. Issues in Clinical Management
1. Children's Understanding of Death
By Kathleen W. Faulkner
2. Pain and Symptom Control
By James S. Miser, Angela W. Miser
3. Psychosocial Aspects of Serious Illness in Childhood and Adolescence
By Martha Blechar Gibbons
4. Neonatal Death
By Cheryl Marco Naulty
5. Care for the Child with HIV Infection and AIDS
By Lori Wiener, Cindy Fair, Philip A. Pizzo
II. Support Systems
6. Family Dynamics
By Andrew R. Tartler
7. Caring for Bereaved Parents
By J. William Worden, James R. Monahan
8. After a Child Dies: Helping the Siblings
By Betty Davies
9. Lessons in Grief: A Practical Look at School Programs
By Ellen Gortler
10. Role of the Primary Physician
By Doris A. Howell
11. Staff Support
By Bernice Catherine Harper
12. The Volunteer Component
By Paul R. Brenner
III. Appendix
An Early Model of Care
By Julie Simpson Sligh
A Home Care Program
By Ida Martinson
Palliative Care in an Inpatient Hospital Setting
By Neil Lombardi
Children's Literature on Death
By Charles A. Corr
Additional Resources

Children's Resources
Pediatric Hospice Care
Pediatric Pain Management
Palliative Medicine

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