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The Hospice Handbook

A Complete Guide

by Larry Beresford

Paperback, 165 pages
Published by Little Brown & Co.
Publication date: March 1, 1993
ISBN: 0316091383


Anyone thinking about using hospice services will benefit from this excellent introduction to hospice care. Written for a general audience, chapters introduce you to basic concepts of palliative care, when hospice is an appropriate choice, an inside look at how a hospice team operates, and practical suggestions on how to choose a hospice.

This book is a standard in the field, and is recommended by several major hospice organizations. It makes good reading for hospice staff and volunteers, too.

Table of Contents

1. What Is Hospice Care?
What Is a Hospice?
2. For Whom Is Hospice Intended?
Requirements for Enrollment in Hospice
3. The Services Provided by a Hospice
The Hospice Team
4. Additional Hospice Services
Inpatient Care
Hospice Bereavement Services
Betty V.
5. The Referral Process: Making the First Call
The Physician's Role in Hospice Referrals
6. Hospice Providers, Coverage, and Access Issues
Models of Hospice Programs
Coverage for Hospice Care
Questions Consumers Can Ask a Hospice
Barriers to Hospice Access
7. Pain and Physical Realities
Betty C.
8. Legal Issues
Anna Walton
9. The Place for Hope in Hospice
10. Issues in the Future of Hospice
High Tech and Hospice
Hospice Care for People with AIDS
Children and Hospice
Afterword: What Does Choosing Hospice Really Mean?
Notes on the Text and Suggestions for Further Reading

Palliative Medicine

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