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You Can Help Someone Who's Grieving

A How-To Healing Handbook

by Victoria Frigo, Diane Fisher, Mary Lou Cook

Published by Penguin USA (Paper)
Publication date: September 1, 1996
ISBN: 0140259074


This book gives common sense advice on how to help a grieving friend. It addresses the problem many of us have felt when we're just not sure what to say or do when someone close to us has suffered a loss.

The main appeal of this unpretentious book is it's simplicity -- there's not a lot of academic jargon, just recognition of human nature and practical suggestions on how to help.

Table of Contents

I. Getting Involved in Grief Support
The Importance of Grieving
The Value of Your Presence
Examining Your Feelings about Death
Looking for Teachers
We Are All Creative
Are You Interfering or Helping?
II. Practical Helping
Immediately Following the Death
So Much to Do
Funerals and Memorial Services
Outline of a Sample Memorial Service
The Board of Directors
Let's Get Material
Thank You Notes
III. Showing Your Support
Supportive Listening
The Value of a Hug
Words a Survivor May Not Be Ready to Hear
Thoughtful Words
The "D" Word
Supporting Decisions
Writing a Note of Sympathy
In Lieu of Flowers
IV. The Most-Asked Question
Is There a God?
V. Insights into the Survivor's Grief
What Is Grief?
How Long Will the Grieving Last?
Death's Other Losses
Forgiving the One Who Has Died
Unfinished Business
A Page for Youth
A Page for Men
A Page for Women
VI. Helping Survivors Survive
Letting Go
Keeping a Journal
Support Groups
Holidays and Anniversaries
Hope, Humor, and Miracles
VII. Special Considerations
Was There Time to Say Goodbye?
Death of a Child
Death of an Unborn Child
VIII. The Journey Continues
Healing Prescriptions
Vaya Con Dios

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