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Ready to Live: Prepared to Die

A Provocative Guide to the Rest of Your Life

by Amy Harwell

Published by Harold Shaw Publications
Publication date: February 1, 1995
ISBN: 0877887047


A book about being alive while preparing for death. The author was diagnosed with terminal cancer and set out to come to terms with her own illness. In the process she discovered the liberation that can come from living consciously in the present and accepting one's mortality as a part of life. The tone is confident and upbeat while remaining realistic about what's in store.

The book includes practical advice on the nuts and bolts of preparing for death, including planning for health care, making advance directives, funeral arrangements, and similar needs. A straightforward "Ready To Live" checklist will help readers review how ready they are for life's biggest adventure.

Excerpts from the book, including the author's "Ready To Live" checklist, are available at the author's website.

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