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Living With Grief After Sudden Loss

Suicide, Homicide, Accident, Heart Attack, Stroke

Edited by Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D.

Published by Taylor and Francis
Publication date: March, 1996
261 pp.
ISBN: 156032578X (soft cover)


This book was published as a companion resource to the Hospice Foundation Of America's third annual teleconference. Editor Kenneth Doka, is a leading authority on bereavement. Each article cover a different aspect of grief following traumatic death, written by a specialist. The collection should be in the library of any bereavement counselor, as many of the subjects are hard to find elsewhere. A good resource book for use by trauma specialists.

Table of Contents

Foreword -- Jack Gordon
Dedication and Acknowledgements
1. Journey Of A Young Widow -- Victoria Cummock
2. After Heart Attack And Stroke -- Stephen P. Hersh
3. America's Number One Killer: Vehicular Crashes -- Janice Harris Lord
4. Survivors Of Suicide -- Judith M. Stillion
5. Sudden Violent Death -- Lula M. Redmond
6. Complicated Grief In The Military -- Bonnie Carroll, Lisa Hudson, Dianne Ruby
7. Traumatic Death: Treatment Implications -- Charles R. Figley
8. Social Psychological Aspects Of Disaster Death -- Vanderlyn R. Pine
9. Grief Counseling For Survivors Of Traumatic Loss -- Dana G. Cable
10. Using Funeral Rituals To Help Survivors -- O. Duane Weeks
11. Complications In Mourning Traumatic Death -- Therese A. Rando
12. Masculine Grief -- Terry Martin, Kenneth Doka
13. Law Enforcement And EMS Personnel -- Lois Chapman Dick
14. Spiritual Support After A Sudden Loss -- Earl A. Grollman
15. Sudden Death: How The Media Can Help -- Brian Kates
16. The Response Of Schools And Teachers -- Robert G. Stevenson
17. Government's Role In Disaster Response -- Laura W. Boyd
18. An Annotated Resource List On Traumatic Loss
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