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Peaceful Dying

The step-by-step guide to preserving your dignity, your choice, and your inner peace at the end of life

By Daniel R. Tobin, M.D.
with Karen Lindsey
Perseus Books
Publication date: December, 1998
208 pp.
ISBN: 0738200344 (paperback)


This practical guide to planning end of life care is based on the FairCare program for peaceful dying which which Dr. Tobin developed at the V. A. Hospital in Albany, New York. He is now expanding the program to a network of other hospitals. The book takes a systematic approach to decisionmaking intended to increase autonomy and peace in end of life care. It is written in plain language for use by persons faced with terminal illness and their caregivers. It uses a 26-step program to help identify key decision points in choosing care. Major issues include development of advance directives, pain relief, choices in care settings, and compassionate advice on how to reach closure with loved ones. Overall it's a clear roadmap that is presented without excessive medical detail.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D., and author of On Death and Dying, says the book "introduces a common language for conversations at the end of life.... A major contribution to the field." Former U. S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D., says it "opens the door to seeing dying as part of life can gives clear, compassionate, and practical advice to patients and caregivers alike."

Table of Contents

Part One: A Look at the Dying Process

1. Dying as a Natural Part of Living
2. The Human Response to Dying

Part Two: The Steps of FairCare: Positive Living, Peaceful Dying

3. Individuality of Disease, Individuality of Choice

4. Taking Control of Your Life

5. Coming to Terms

6. Practical Matters

7. Your Spiritual Destiny

8. The Turning Point

9. Preventing Pain and Isolation

10. Finding Peace




Keywords: Dan Tobin, Daniel Tobin, Daniel R. Tobin

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