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About the IICN

The Inter-Institutional Collaborating Network On End Of Life Care (IICN) is a partnership effort by [iicn logo] over forty educational organizations. IICN member organizations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries have contributed over 4,000 pages of full-text educational materials about end of life care to a shared database. You can search this database from any web site that offers the IICN MegaSearch, [iicn] a powerful search service that you can add to your own web site. This Internet-based content syndication service for educational materials is completely free to end users. The costs of operation are covered by the IICN Sustaining Members as a contribution to the field.

The technology behind the IICN is provided by Growth House, Inc., the Internet's leading portal for information about end of life care. To learn how your institution can create or distribute online learning content via the IICN, call Growth House at 415-863-3045.

In addition to the core service of educational content syndication, IICN member organizations may also make use of the following technical services that can be integrated with IICN education:

  • Online content development system for creation of educational materials
  • Archival and distribution services for time-limited education projects that do not have continuation funding
  • Distribution of downloadable files via the IICN MegaSearch service
  • Promotional services including online news releases and RSS newsfeeds
  • Content syndication options include XML, Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), and 508 accessibility formats.

Remote Search Sites

The Growth House search engine offers access to the net's most comprehensive collection of reviewed resources for end of life care. Over one hundred health care web sites internationally have installed remote access content features using simple HTML code. These sites get lively content and search features allowing their visitors to search for resources without leaving their own site. After following links surfers can return to where they started by pressing the page back button.

IICN Member Organizations

The IICN has two categories of institutional membership:

  • Sustaining Institutional Members
  • General Institutional Members

Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members provide funding for the IICN network for the common good of all members. The minimum fee for Sustaining Members is $3,600 per year, payable in installments.

General Members

Open to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governmental bodies that support the IICN network by providing content for shared use or by providing non-financial in-kind support. These organizations may also use content and make use of IICN online community technology to support their own initiatives in end-of-life care.