Handbook for Mortals : Questions and Answers About Advance Directives : What about planning my finances?

If you have only modest wealth and income, you and your family need to know what care is covered by Medicaid. Your best source of information is likely to be an experienced social worker. If, however, you have some property and savings, you really need to do some planning. This usually requires the help of a lawyer, though it may not cost much if things are pretty uncomplicated. The lawyer will help you think through your goals, both the goals you have while you are still living and those for after you have died. The kinds of arrangements that you can make are quite varied and sometimes complicated, but they are also often effective in securing good care while you need it, financial security for your spouse, and a legacy for others. Doing good financial planning takes some time, so try not to put this off until death is very close.

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