Handbook for Mortals : Learning about specific illnesses : Keeping up with your prognosis

Donít ask, "How long do I have?," ask: "What is the shortest and longest that I can reasonably expect?"

At virtually every encounter, reconfirm likely symptoms and needs in general terms: "From what I know now, Iím making plans around a need for _____ (occasional severe illness, a few months of substantial disability, a risk of seizures, whatever...). Is that about right? Anything else?"

When something new arises, ask: "Does this change what I can expect?"

Expect that many doctors wonít really know the answers. Ask your doctor, "How many patients like me have you followed through to death?" Donít accept: "Thereís no one quite like you!" If your doctor doesnít really have any experience, find someone (another doctor, a home health nurse, a nursing home nurse, a hospice professional, or a support group leader) who has "been there" before.

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