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The full text of the Palliative Care Toolkit and its Appendices are available for you to download to your own computer.

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TCPC Palliative Care Toolkit
Microsoft Word document. This single document is the main toolkit. (Microsoft Word, 351 KB)

cc033.xlsMicrosoft Excel spreadsheet. Telephone screening tool for initial phone contact with patient or family. Used to screen and document initial referrals.
eol_care_checksheet_0699.docMicrosoft Word document, 1 page. EOL Checklist. Reminder of all the things you must do as a team to ensure quality care.
homehealth_qualprogdescription_2002_1apr02.docMicrosoft Word document, 13 pages. General Kaiser Permanente document describing the quality assurance program at a high level.
pain.pptMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation. Content is two slides with showing a flowchart algorithm of pain management standards.
pain_iws_hh_apr02.docMicrosoft Word document, 2 pages. Home Health Pain Indicator Worksheet. A tabular form showing metrics for pain control for a quarterly report.
painstds_hh_apr02.docMicrosoft Word document, 2 pages. Policy outline for procedures on management of pain.
palliative_care_pt_ho_0201.doc Microsoft Word document, 2 pages. Folded brochure format. Handout printed on 8.5" x 14" paper given to patients and family.
palperfscaleweb_0998.docMicrosoft Word document, 1 page. Palliative Performance Scale, single table.
patient_satisfaction_survey_0298.docMicrosoft Word document, 2 pages. Two-sided survey designed for folding. Part of the quality improvement program. Survey is mailed to patients and families a couple of weeks after admission.
qm_plan_hhpc_2002.docMicrosoft Word document, 4 pages. Quality Improvement Plan for the department showing monitoring indicators for quality improvement.

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