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This page has a FAQ on how Growth House uses blogging as a tool for quality improvement in end-of-life care.
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Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content
Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content
This hands-on book on building blogs is an excellent tutorial for new bloggers, and includes many advanced techniques for veteran bloggers.

Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies
Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies
Covers the marketing and promotional benefits of blogs as well as basics on how to get one going.

Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World
Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World
Here's a definitive look at blogs as a strategic tool for gaining mindspace. It documents the rise of the blogosphere as a growing force in the formation of public opinion. Makes a convincing case for blogging as the "next big thing" in the global communications revolution.

Blogging FAQ

What is Growth House doing with blogging?

Growth House provides a robust multiuser blogging service specifically for coverage of end-of-life issues. Bogging is an important technology that can add distinct value to our professional community. To help accelerate the use of blogging by opinion leaders in end-of-life care we host a blogging community that features tight integration between several blogs related to palliative medicine, hospice care, and related topics. We stimulate the creation of both group blogs on selected topics in end-of-life care and personal blogs for some of our colleagues. Our blogging services are an extension of our Professional Forums which have been around for years.

What is a blog?

A blog, an abbreviation for "weblog", is a web-based journal. Blogs consist of many short articles that are updated often. Blogs are a type of web site that are usually intended for public viewing. Blogs are becoming very influential as a method for sharing personal opinions about things.

What is a group blog?

A group blog is a blog that more than one person can add items to. Group blogs can be used by a team of collaborators to share content with one another and with other readers.

How does a blog differ from any other type of web site?

Blogs are designed to make it very easy for people to publish short articles of content without having to learn HTML or other details of how web sites work. Blogging software makes publishing on the Internet as simple as writing an article, giving it a title, and optionally organizing it using some sort of categories. As a blog author you can focus on what you want to write, and the blogging tool takes care of posting your content on a web site. Blogging software is not designed to handle other aspects of web site management that may be needed to provide a complete web service. Examples of web site features that go beyond the scope of blogging include providing a product directory, operating an online user community, maintaining libraries of reference content, running electronic mailing lists, and so on.

How does blogging differ from the webboard services Growth House provides via its Professional Forums?

Blogs and webboards provide complementary features. Both blogs and webboards can be implemented in different ways that determine the exact feature set that users will experience. This table shows how features usually compare:

Permits multiple authors to post contentyesyes
Searchable full-text archive of previous postsyesyes
Public content can be read by anyone without needing to registeryesyes
Authors can tag posts by categoryyesno
Permits trackbacksyesno
Content is automatically indexing by blogging search engines such as Technoratiyesno
Can be syndicated via feedsyesno
Users can follow discussions via email subscriptionnoyes
Provides a searchable user directorynoyes
Private content can be restricted to individual readersnoyes
Often used to upload files to share with othersPossible but not often doneyes
Content is automatically indexing by web search engines such as GoogleSome do, some don'tno
Access to private content can be restricted by a group passwordPossible but not often doneno

What is a trackback?

When someone links to your blog post, your post can link back to them by using a trackback. This enables blogs to become interlinked to one another.

Can blogs be syndicated?

Yes. Blogs may offer various types of syndication feeds that enable other web sites and client reader software to consume and republish their content. A "feed" is a machine-readable content publication that is updated frequently. The most common types of blog syndication are done via RSS, Atom, or RDF files. For more information on syndication at Growth House, check our Content Syndication FAQ.

Can you subscribe to a blog?

Yes. If the blog offers a syndication feed you can subscribe to the feed using a news reader that supports the feed type offered by the blog. If the blog does not offer a syndication feed you can subscribe to it by using one of the web-based blog aggregation services that permits you to keep a list of favorite blogs.

Where can I learn more about blogging?

Good places to start are and