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Hospice Volunteer Training

This page pulls together resources that will be of particular benefit for hospice volunteers. Follow the links for details on any item.


Handbook for Mortals

The first book we recommend for volunteer training is the Handbook for Mortals, a comprehensive guide to end-of-life issues. You can read the full text online for free -- just click the book cover.

Nina Livingstone: Uncovering Compassion

Nina Livingstone: Uncovering Compassion CD

Nina Livingstone is a hospice chaplain. She has recorded several guided meditations specifically intended to help you notice and develop your ability to provide compassionate service. Her non-denominational approach to "Uncovering Compassion" is well-suited for use by hospice volunteers.

Nina also has a series of one-minute tips for caregivers on awareness and self-care. Here are some of Nina's brief suggestions on how to take better care of yourself and improve your caregiving at the same time:

music speaker icon Remembering the need for self-care

music speaker icon Naming what you are doing

music speaker icon Waiting time can refresh you

music speaker icon Listening to others

music speaker icon Waiting nothing from others

For Volunteer Directors

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
NHPCO offers the Hospice Volunteer Program Resource Manual, (NHPCO item number 711010) a comprehensive guide for hospice volunteers and volunteer managers. It comes with several ready-to-use forms, such as competency checklists, surveys, a policies and procedures form, visit logs, and other administrative forms. These forms also are offered on a CD-ROM that can be purchased with the manual, or by itself. For current pricing or to order this item, surf to the NHPCO website or call NHPCO at 1-800-646-6460. Tell them Growth House sent you!

audio speaker iconHear advice for hospice workers from Nancy Alexander